Family photos at Bothell Landing

Back in December, I photographed this sweet family at Bothell Landing.  I had never been there myself but one of my friends recommended it to me as it has various types of scenery; trees, bridge, river (actually I think it's a slough...?), cute historical house, etc.  I checked it out online and decided I could probably make it work.  So I met the family there, and it was a glorious sunny day.  I checked out a few spots, and got really excited because the cute historical house that is there is so adorable with it's worn dark wood and original charm.  The girls were fun to photograph, they were a little shy at first but then warmed up and the sun lit up their blonde curls so idyllically.  The family was great to work with and I really enjoyed photographing them; they seemed very at ease and I could tell that theirs is a family full of laughter and love.  

Also, If you haven't checked out Bothell Landing, I would highly recommend it.  There's a small park with a playground, walking trails and again, the adorable little old house.  It's obviously a great place to take photos, but also fun to just wander around on a beautiful sunny day.