Photos For the Fund--Baha'i Fundraiser

Back in April, I decided to hold a small and sort of last minute fundraiser for the Baha'i Fund.  In case you don't know, I am a Baha'i, and I am figuring out how to use the writings and principles of the Baha'i Faith to run and sustain my business. The end of the Baha'i year is in April, and I wanted to be able to contribute financially from my business to the Fund.  So, I was inspired to hold a fundraiser where I would choose a day and set up as many mini-sessions as I could.  These sessions were approximately 30 minutes in length, and I would contribute 95% of the proceeds to the Baha'i Fund.  I have to say, it was super fun, and obviously for a wonderful cause.  I was able to see some friends that I haven't seen for awhile, and photograph their sweet families.  I had set up a "studio" in my front room and thankfully it wasn't raining that day (this was in the streak of rain that we had for about 18 days in a row), so we were able to take some shots outside, which is my favorite place to take photos.  I was extremely happy with the whole experience and I hope to offer this a couple times a year from now on.