Haleh's Graduation Photo Session

I'm so excited I got to take photos of this girl.  Haleh recently graduated from UW Bothell.  It's crazy as you get older, watching the younger generation go through their milestones like graduating, getting full time jobs, and everything else.  I remember fondly the junior youth spiritual empowerment classes that I animated with Haleh and her classmates when they were 14. I remember watching her turn 15, which in the Baha'i Faith is a big deal, and the birthday party she hosted. She honored all her "teachers" in front of the guests by explaining how each one had an impact in her life and thanking them for it.  I remember watching her as she continued through high school and on into college.  I remember thinking, many times, how she is so wise beyond her years and so intelligent and that she just has this maturity about her that is not common among her age group.  Spiritual maturity and wisdom as well as emotional.  Haleh has always demonstrated a knowledge and peace in who she is and what she wants to do.  It is truly inspiring.  I feel privileged to have witnessed her as she grew from a junior youth into a young woman, and honestly, I have learned from her steadfastness and self-knowledge.  I can't wait to see what she has in store for this life.  Congratulations Haleh!