Gallagher Family Photos at UW

The first time I photographed my friends Larry and Shirin, it was for their engagement back in 2013.  I'm pretty sure I was heavily pregnant.  We met at Greenlake in Seattle and had a blast because Larry makes everyone laugh and watching the two of them be cute together was so sweet.  

Fast forward to this summer when I met up with Larry and Shirin at the University of Washington campus in June to take pictures of their family (!!!) with their new baby boy (!!!).  The weather can be hit or miss in June, and thankfully it was a beautiful warm and sunny day.  UW is my alma matter and I love this campus, and there are so many places to take pictures.  We met by the fountain, but the sun was beating down on us so we actually took the pictures in the shade of the rose gardens and in front of the chemistry building.  It was fun chasing after big brother, Kamal, and trying to get some shots of him--I love capturing toddlers because they are so expressive and sincere.  Kamal was so darn cute running around with a huge smile, his beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair.  We did a fair amount of bribing to get some of the shots of the 4 of them as a family, and I was cracking up at his excitement to watch "garbage truck diveos", which translated from toddler means "garbage truck videos".  And the new baby boy was so cute, just a month old at the time.  I got my baby fix by holding and cuddling him.  Larry and Shirin are some of my favorite people and I am so glad to have been able to photograph their sweet little family.  One of my favorite things about this business is that I have a lot of long standing clients and I get to follow their journey sometimes from engagement to wedding to families.  Being able to capture memories in photos for my friends is so special to me, and I was happy to spend time with these awesome Gallaghers to freeze this sweet moment in their lives with their beautiful boys.  I love the photos below, especially where Larry is trying to wrangle Kamal, because it is so real and toddlers just don't give a crap and if you follow my Instagram page then you may have read a post that shares how much I love photographing toddlers.  Kamal is just too cute.  Anyway.  My other favorite is of Shirin cradling baby Zia and just smiling and talking to him.  I teared up a little because I know that love--the love of a momma for her precious new baby it's so sweet.  More of my faves below: