Apryl's Family Photo Session at FlowerWorld

This family!  So Apryl just happens to be one of my dearest friends.  And she has been one of the best resources, source of referrals and all around support for my business.  Seriously, she is great. Our first shoot together was for her maternity photos.  We collaborated on everything; what poses she liked and were flattering, what outfits to wear along with accessories, and we even scouted a location together.  And since then I have photographed her newborn session, and family photos every year.  I have learned a lot from working with her as she is always so open and gives constructive suggestions---not criticism, which I appreciate so much!

This year for their family session, Apryl was thinking of somewhere outside with lots of beautiful foliage and flowers.  She suggested Flowerworld.  I have been there because we purchased some trees a few years back, but had not photographed there.  Apryl did some scouting before the family session, and then right before our session I checked out the best areas.  If you haven't been to Flowerworld, I would highly recommend it!  They have soooooo many different types of plants and flowers and gardening stuff to purchase, and they allow you to just roam around their beautiful property and visit and snap some pictures.  There is a particularly great area that has a little pond, fountain, water wheel, a small creek, and of course the flowers, trees, and bushes.  Oh!  And there is a little dock at the edge of the pond.  Anyway!  We gathered, everyone was all dressed up and coordinated so nicely (seriously Apryl is the best at this), chose some awesome spots to shoot and just had fun!  It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day.  We were joking, laughing, watching Apryl's little boy, Landon, run around.  The group included her hubby, son, and both sets of grandparents.  We got some super cute shots with Landon and his parents and each set of grandparents.  We got some super cute shots of each couple.  We got some super cute shots of the whole group.  We even got a shot of Grandpa, Dad and Landon---3 generations!  I love that!  It was a really sweet day with a really great family!  Some of my favorite pictures from our session are below.  I super love the one of Apryl next to the water wheel because it's adorable, the one of Landon and the gals because he has the BEST Dancing with the Stars pose, and the one with Landon and his grandparents and the Grandmas are smooching him.  Hahaha, can you tell he is the center of it all?  Oh and you may notice a few of Apryl all by herself and that's just cause I love asking her to be my "model"!