Chantelle's Beachy Maternity Session

So this just happens to be my best friend---my person.  The depth of our friendship is one for the books.  It's hard to know if it's us, or if Chantelle has many of these types of friendships because that's just how she is.  She's the kind of person you can be authentic with and she still loves you, haha.  She's the kind of person that truly doesn't judge, is trustworthy, funny, loyal, giving, kind, and full of faith.  I could go on and on about this gal.  So when she got pregnant with her third (she had twins the first time!), of course I wanted to be the one to shoot her maternity photos.  It happened to work out perfectly that I was craving to do a maternity beach session, and that it was about time for her maternity session (we actually pushed it a little late because of life, but it worked out!), and that she lives literally 1 minute up the hill from a beach!  We enlisted her hubby to watch my two kiddos and their twins and they played at the water's edge and hunted for geoducks while I photographed Chantelle in the blazing midday sun.  Not the best time to shoot by far, but we made it work.  I literally could have continued all day, but Chantelle was 39 weeks pregnant, we were all sweating, and we were about to breeze right through nap time for the toddlers.  So we had to stop.  But it was so nice!  The water was beautiful (minus the seaweed everywhere but it is a huge kelp forest there), and despite the blazing hot sun we found a great place to shoot right under the boardwalk area.  I got to use the 85mm f1.8 lens which is my all time favorite ever.  And later that evening when I started editing them, I was so excited to deliver the gallery to Chantelle because she looks absolutely stunning!  She later showed them to her hubby of course, and her mom, who promptly declared me their official family photographer---which I love!  So I'm gonna hold you guys to it!  Haha.  Here are some of my favorites, because obviously!