Maddie's 2 Year Old Photos

Back in June, one of my besties (Christina) from the time we were 11 came over with her two kiddos to get some photos done of her daughter who had recently turned two.  Toddlers are a tricky bunch sometimes to photograph because they are like honey badgers.  They don't care.  Often times they won't sit.  They won't look.  They just won't.  I happen to love taking photos of toddlers precisely because of this.  And I also happen to love photos that are more real and capture the subjects in that moment, exactly how they are.  And toddlers ARE SO REAL, hahahaha.  Getting Maddie to sit, look at the camera, and do what we asked was no exception to the toddler rule.  But her momma got her to sing and dance a little, smell the flowers, and we did a lot of bribing with huckleberries picked and eaten straight off the bushes in my backyard.  Once we did that, it was all over.  She wanted nothing to do with any of it and just wanted to harvest huckleberries.  I get it, that's what my kids do all day long in the early summer and it's amazing.  So, I got some shots of her just doing her thing.  And I happen to adore the photos because she was so focused and excited for these huckleberries.  Every once in awhile, she would have this huge grin on her face and her awesome dimples would pop out, dimples that are identical to her momma's.  I snapped some of her son, Liam, the older of the two, and captured his ridiculously beautiful eyes---also identical to his momma's.  I can't believe how similar these features are to Christina's!  And the thing that blows me away the most is that Maddie looks sooooooo much like Christina at that age.  Like, identical.  It's mind boggling!  We enjoyed watching Liam dote on his little sister, and watching Maddie get so excited about the huckleberries, or walking down the wobbly path of river rocks to the grass.  I am excited to do a full family photo session next time so that we can get some of the whole family!  Here are some of my faves from the day: