Suzie's Surprise Session at Flowerworld

So, I know Suzie through my friend Apryl (who I’ve blogged about before), who referred Suzie to me several years ago when she was looking for someone to take headshots for her. The super cool thing is that she needed headshots to potentially use in her NOVEL that she was WRITING! How cool is that?! She was writing her first novel, Physical Touch (which I own, and read!), which is a romance novel—-that’s what she writes. Now she has 5 books from “The Sweetest Thing” series, 4 book from “The Physical” series, and 3 standalone books. She is a writing machine! Anyway, it’s so exciting to know a published author! If you go to her website, you can see one of the headshots I took of her (the second set of headshots!) aaaaand you can check out the books that she has available for purchase through Amazon.

Anyway, I was excited when she contacted me again to schedule a session—-but this time a birthday surprise for her mom and her aunt who were BOTH turning 80 years old. That’s right—twins! And Suzie’s sister was able to make it, too, so it was a shoot with two sets of sisters. So sweet! The birthday gals didn’t know in advance what Suzie had planned. We met at Flowerworld, and it was a beautiful day——not too sunny, which is good for photos. But Flowerworld is absolutely beautiful, so we had some great backdrops.

I hope all 4 of the ladies had as much fun as I did, this was a great group to hang out with for an hour and take photos of. They all have such a great sense of humor. We had a situation where one of the ducks kept photo bombing our shot and we had to chase it away. After several attempts it finally left. That was a first for me! Susie’s hubby had gotten some props—-signs to celebrate the 80th birthday of the twins, so we used those in some of the shots, and the gals played along. I seriously cannot believe that these two are 80 years old. They look amazing and have so much energy and spirit, definitely inspiring! I felt so happy to take photos of all of them because I could see how much they all loved each other, and truly enjoy being with each other.

Some of my favorites from this session are below. Note the duck chase.