Kendell Family Session

This family! These guys are so awesome. They are basically family to me and my hubby. I worked with Haleh when she was in middle school and we did a junior youth group with her and her friends. They all went to our wedding. Minoo watched my son while I was finishing up at University of Washington. Both of my kids adore them. They are very special to all of us.

So after I took Haleh’s college grad photos, Minoo wanted to set up a family shoot with all of them and their 2 dogs, especially because one of the dogs, Ruffi, is getting old, so they wanted some photos with him. Ruffi is such a cool dog, and my son spent a lot of time playing with him when he was with Minoo during the days. We met up at Ballinger Lake Park, which used to be a golf course but now is a public park. It was such a cool spot with some fun features like beautiful fall leaves and soft lavender flowers, lots of green grass and wide open areas for the dogs to do their thing. The Kendells are playful and have a good sense of humor so I really wanted to capture some of that in their photos as well as the standard posed shots. We told stories, and laughed, and by the end the wind started blowing and the rain was coming down hard. Typical fall weekend weather for Seattle, haha. But any time I can spend with these guys is a good time for me. And it warms my heart to be able to capture some memories of them just being their normal selves with their sweet family of 3 (well 3 humans and 2 dogs). Here are some of my favorites below, maybe you can get a sense of how fun it is to be with them: